August 8 - 10, 2017

San Diego, California

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Speaker Bio

Eric Maurer

Associate Product Developer

Xcel Energy

Eric Maurer develops customer-facing pilots and products for Xcel Energy’s commercial and residential electricity and natural gas customers. At present, his focus is on battery storage technology, and his work is emphasizing opportunities in distribution deferral and commercial customer demand charge management. Prior to Xcel Energy, Eric was a Manager at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). At RMI, he participated in and lead consulting engagements such as the energy efficiency retrofit of the Empire State building and the development of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon strategies for partners like Duke Energy and the state of Connecticut. Eric is also a co-author of RMI’s Reinventing Fire, a 2011 book that described a viable path for the U.S. to transition off of fossil fuels by 2050.