ESNA 2017 | August 8 - 10, 2017 in San Diego, California

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energy transition

2016 Highlights

The fourth annual ESNA, held last October in San Diego, grew in attendees, expo floor space and quality of programming, reflecting the growth and maturation of the energy storage industry at large. Read More

2017 Program

ESNA’s highly interactive, engaging and educational conference program lays the groundwork for energy storage markets to thrive over three days of keynotes, panels, workshops and site tours. READ MORE

2017 Key Themes

First-mover utilities ››
Opening energy markets ››
Transportation-grid nexus ››
Leading independent power producers ››
Building Resilient Cities ››
Planning for Peak Power ››
Empowering energy customers ››
The next big thing in energy storage tech ››

2017 Featured Speakers

Brian Bentz
President and CEO
Ernesto Ciorra
Head of Innovation and Sustainability
Scott Drury
San Diego Gas & Electric
Thierry Lepercq
Stephen Prince
President and CEO
Younicos Inc.

About the Energy Transition

Enabled by energy storage, The Transition implies a more efficient integration of energy resources, a shift in consumer behavior and engagement with the rise of the “prosumer,” as well as new market structures and participation mechanisms for distributed energy resources.

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