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Nominate a Storage Project for the ESNA Innovation Awards

The Energy Storage North America Innovation Awards are given annually for innovation and excellence in developing energy storage projects. The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Energy Storage North America Conference in the San Diego Convention Center on August 9, 2017.

This Year’s Theme: The Energy Transition

This year’s awards will go to projects that are accelerating the transition towards the grid of the future – more efficient, customer-centric, clean and resilient. The nominees will be evaluated primarily based upon impact in the following areas:

  • Transforming the ecosystem for energy storage
  • Increasing grid reliability and resiliency
  • Opening new markets for storage
  • Overcoming operational challenges
  • Tapping into multiple value streams

Award Categories


DISTRIBUTED: Commercial, industrial or residential

MOBILITY: Transportation, EVs, and enabling infrastructure

Selection Process

To be eligible for the awards, a project must be commissioned or online on or before June 1, 2017. Finalists for each category are selected by the Energy Storage North America advisory board. Winners will be selected by the public through an online voting campaign.

Award Timeline

May 8: Innovation Award Nominations Begin
June 2: Innovation Award Nominations Close
June 12: Award Finalists Announced and Voting Begins
July 7: Award Finalists Voting Ends
August 9: Innovation and Champion Awards Ceremony

ESNA Champion Awards

ESNA is also accepting nominations for the ESNA Policymaker and Utility Champion Awards, which honor the work of individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the field of energy storage. If you would like to nominate a utility employee or policymaker for the ESNA Champion Award, please fill out our online nomination form here.


Nominations will be accepted until Friday, June 2

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II. Overview and Impact
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Please provide a short description of the project. Include information about what operational challenges this system solves for the customer, what benefits it provides, and how this project is advancing the transition to a more resilient or customer-centric electric power system. (200 words max)
III. Optional Additional Content
18. Optional Additional Content
Please include any quotes or testimonials from the customer about the project. In your response, please state whether we have permission to reprint the quote (with proper credit attribution).
Additional Materials
Please include at least two high-resolution pictures of the system.

Thank you for your submission!