Video: Strengthening the Grid with Energy Storage

Posted July 10, 2017 by Zoe Fishman
Threats are global: Cyber attacks, infrastructure challenges abound. This is where energy storage can play a role in creating change for the better – in our environment and pocketbook.

Join energy leaders as they examine how clean energy storage can increase reliability, safety and efficiency, while reducing emissions and costs.

“Grid-based clean energy storage is better for our economy, is better for rate payers. It keeps communities safer and it makes our country safer.” – California State Senator Henry Stern
On average, the United States sees about 200 major power outages a year. Energy storage can add critical resiliency to our electric grid.
“This is the most innovative period in the electric industry that we’ve seen since Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were duking it out over direct current or alternating current.” – Michael Picker, President, California Public Utilities Commission
The typical time to build a new power plant is more than two years years. Combined, SCE and SDG&E brought 100 MW of storage online in less than eight months. 
“We have found that batteries are really reliable, fast to deploy and, certainly in situations of a highly urbanized environment, very cost effective.” – Ron Nichols, President, Southern California Edison
“Storage is a vehicle for helping to blend grid conditions and consumer demands” – Tom Doughty, VP, Customer & State Affairs, California ISO
“One of the key things that energy storage does for us is allows us to take full advantage of what we’ve already built and make the most cost effective use of the power plants, transmission systems and distribution systems that we’ve paid for already” – John Zahurancik, President, AES Energy Storage