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Driving Energy Storage Commercialization: “4th Energy Storage China 2015” successfully held in Beijing

700+ industry experts from 10+ countries worldwide, 90+ high-profile international speakers, more than 50 journalists and 19 top ranked exhibitors and sponsors discussed the growth and drive of the Energy & Energy Storage Markets in China and Globally.
The global energy storage market reported continued steady growth in 2014. As at the end of 2014, global energy storage capacity (excluding pumped hydro, compressed air and heat storage) totaled 845.3MW, with newly added capacity of 111.6MW, up 15% on a YoY basis, a steady growth 2% higher than 2013; while China's energy storage capacity (excluding pumped hydro, compressed air and heat storage) totaled 84.4MW, representing a 10% share in the global market, with newly added capacity of 31MW, up 58% on a YoY basis, a sharp growth 14% higher than 2013.
In this context, a wide variety of policies have been introduced by the Chinese government to boost energy storage business (e.g. “National Energy Development Strategy 2014-2020”, “Twelfth Five-year Plan on Renewable Energy”, “New Electric Power System Reform”, “National New Urbanization Development Plan”, “Guide for the Pilot Project Construction of Low Carbon Communities”, “Policy Support of the Development of New Energy Vehicles”, as well as the upcoming “Micro-grid Electricity Price and Subsidy Scheme”). These policies will not only benefit the short, mid and long-term energy storage growth, but also provide outstanding opportunities for the healthy development of energy storage industry in China.

Energy Storage China 2015 - The 4th International Conference and Expo on Energy Storage in China, supervised by the National Energy Administration (China) and the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, and jointly organized by China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS) - kicked off a two-day conference in Beijing at Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace starting from 3 June 2015. This year's event is themed "Driving Energy Storage Commercialization", featuring in-depth discussions revolving policy interpretation, technology application, financial innovation and related issues. It focuses on energy storage applications, solutions and projects, power transmission and distribution, smart grid, micro-grid and off-grid, new energy vehicles, distributed energy, energy storage cost efficiency, and investment & financing issues. In total 708 industry experts from over 10 countries worldwide and 92 high-profile international speakers had attended Energy Storage China 2015, attracting more than 50 journalists on site for live coverage. In addition 19 top ranked companies took part in the accompanying exhibition and showcase theit latest products and services in the Energy and Energy Storage business.

The Energy Storage Industry Research Whitepaper 2015 and annual industry statistics were released at the opening ceremony by CNESA Secretary-General Ms. Tina ZHANG. Energy storage market expects a continuation of steady growth trend in 2015, with some new features worth mentioning.
By country: The US leads in market share both in project number and installed capacity. As at the end of 2014, the US has operated 95 energy storage projects with total installed capacity exceeding 357MW, immediately followed by Japan in terms of installed capacity (approx. 310MW) or by China in terms of project number (63 projects). In 2014, the US achieved the largest newly added installed capacity (34.4MW), followed by China (31MW) and Europe (27.7MW) at the second and third place, respectively.
By technology: Sodium-sulfur battery reported the largest installed capacity with 40% market share, followed by lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery with 33% and 11%, respectively. In 2014, lithium-ion battery had the largest newly added installed capacity with 71% market share, followed by flywheel with 20%.
By application: Energy storage technologies are mainly applied in the fields of renewable energy integration, ancillary services, power transmission & distribution and distributed micro-grid. Among these, renewable energy integration enjoys a dominating market share of 45%, with installed capacity approximating 379MW. In 2014, demand-side applications recorded the largest newly added installed capacity with 43% market share, followed by ancillary services and power transmission & distribution with 28% and 19%, respectively.
By market player: Energy storage solution providers leading in installed capacity include NGK, A123, Xtrem Power, BYD, Beacon Power and CALMAC, with state-of-the-art technologies covering sodium-sulfur battery, lithium-ion battery, lead-acid battery, high-speed flywheel, vanadium redox flow battery and ice storage. NGK tops the list with the largest global accumulative installed capacity at 330MW. BYD outperforms all its domestic rivals with 55MW installed capacity.
By investment dynamics: According to CNESA's incomplete statistics, 12 companies including Stem, Aquion Energy and ZBB together received a total amount of over USD 400 million in 2014 by debt or equity financing or loans. Technology-innovative and business model-innovative companies are desperately sought by investors.
By project model: According to CNESA, three types of new project models have emerged most recently: leasing model, retail model and electric vehicle rent and battery swap model.

Policies Interpretation and Best Practice Elaboration to Boost Energy Storage Commercialization in China
Supervised by the National Energy Administration and benefitted from the strong international profile from World of Energy Storage events, Energy Storage China 2015 featured an exciting panel of leading Chinese scholars and influential foreign experts. Mr. SHI Dinghuan, Chairman of China Renewable Energy Society, Mr. XU Dingming, Counselor of the State Council, and Mr. LI Junfeng, President of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation shared their insights on Chinese energy policies and market trends. International keynote speakers talked about world market status quo and business opportunities, including Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber, President of German Energy Storage Association & Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Opportunities and Challenges of Energy Storage Industry along with German Industry Reform 4.0), Ms. Rebecca Feuerlicht, Project Manager of the Self-Generation Incentive Program, Center for Sustainable Energy (Policies and Incentives for Energy Storage in California), Mr. Darren Gladman, Vice-President of Policy and Trade, Clean Energy Council (The Status and Potential of Energy Storage in Australia), Mr. Thomas Timmins, Board Member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (Recent Changes in Canada's Renewable Energy Market), Dr. Satyajit Phadke, Senior Consultant of India Energy Storage Alliance (A National Perspective on Opportunities for Energy Storage Technologies in India - Renewables Integration (>100 GW) and Other Applications), and Mr. Nobuo UMEDA, Director of Energy System & Hydrogen Research Unit, Technology Strategy Center, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Case Study on Commercialization of Household Energy Storage Market in Japan).
As a world renowned materials scientist and a pioneering researcher in global renewable energy and energy efficiency, Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber is the founding president of German Energy Storage Association (BVES) and Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems — European largest solar energy research institute. Prof. Weber's in-depth knowledge on silicon technology and profound insights on solar energy will help energy storage industry better satisfy solar energy market demand. Acting as conference chair of Energy Storage Europe held in Düsseldorf early this year, Prof. Weber once described the shift towards a low carbon energy system as "the primary task of our generation", saying that the energy storage market today was just like the photovoltaic industry of a decade ago, but required quicker actions.

Mr. WANG Sicheng, Senior Researcher of the NDRC, Dr. LIANG Hao, Associate Professor of CSTC of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Dr. Terry Surles, Professor of the University of Hawaii, and Mr. John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Storage Council addressed the conference on "Application and Importance of the Energy Storage System in Decentralized PV", "Decentralized Energy and Green Building", and "The Status of Energy Storage Technology in Hawaii, California and the United States", and joined senior executives from Sungrow Power Supply, Surpass Sun Electric, The Furukawa Battery, SPI Solar, CM New Energy (China Minsheng Investment), China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings Limited Research Institute, Oliter Energy Technology and TD Energy Shanghai to analyze market outlook for energy storage applications in decentralized PV and island projects from the perspective of technology application and financial innovation.

Advanced Technology Applications with Huge Market Potentials, a brainstorming for China’s Energy Storage Industry
Phase change heat storage, flywheel, compressed air, vanadium redox flow battery, fuel cell, lead-carbon battery, aqueous sodium ion, sodium-sulfur battery, zinc energy storage and all-solid lithium battery — these advanced energy storage technologies being discussed at the "Advanced Energy Storage Technologies” session are not far away. With promising market outlook, they will definitely open up a new era for Chinese energy storage business. Taking this opportunity, Energy Storage China 2015 specially presented several exclusive sessions, including “New Energy Automobile and Energy Storage” and “Energy Storage Applications in Power Grid and Power Generation”, to cope with increasing challenges posed by an energy Internet age. High-level speakers from the Development Research Center of the State Council, the NDRC Energy Research Institute, China Electric Power Research Institute, the State Grid Energy Research Institute, Inner Mongolia Power Group, Liaoning State Grid Power Company, Gansu Electric Power Company, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, Zhejiang Electric Power Company, Shenhua Group, North China Electric Power University, the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Science, the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Science and other organizations brainstormed creative ideas for the Chinese energy storage industry.
A project site visit to “Zhangbei Renewable Energy Demonstration Project (Second Phase)” was organized on 5 June to update participants on project progress and technology breakthroughs. Jointly initiated by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Energy Administration and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), Zhangbei Renewable Energy Demonstration Project is the world's largest renewable energy project combining wind power, solar photovoltaic, energy storage and power transmission, as well as SGCC's first key project for building a strong smart grid.

Rooted in China to Serve the Industry, We Synchronize Energy Storage Business
As the driving force behind the anchor events for the global energy storage industry, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH successfully organizes the World of Energy Storage events which today hosts 5 conferences and trade shows across 3 continents, covering the world's top 5 renewable energy markets (i.e. North America, India, China, Europe and Japan) with nearly 70% of global renewable generation. Powered by the 5 leading advocacy groups in the world (BVES, CESA, CNESA, IESA and GESA), the World of Energy Storage offers the best opportunities for technology exchange and business networking. Till 2014, more than 5,500 professionals representing over 2,500 organizations worldwide have participated in the World of Energy Storage events.
Energy Storage China 2015 is one of the five events of the World of Energy Storage. The other events include: Energy Storage North America (third edition to be held in San Diego, California, the US from 13-15 October 2015), Energy Storage Summit Japan (second edition to be held in Tokyo, Japan from 11-12 November 2015), Energy Storage India (third edition to be held in New Delhi, India from 7-9 December 2015), and Energy Storage Europe (fifth edition to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 15-17 March 2016).
The World of Energy Storage provides unmatched access to key policymakers, grid managers, installers and the world's largest utilities. This relationship gives sponsors, exhibitors and participants unrivaled opportunities to understand the global industry & policy trends, promote cutting-edge technologies, explore business models, reach out to potential customers, and expand market presence.
The next edition, Energy Storage China 2016 is scheduled to be held in Beijing, China in June 2016.
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