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According to the current estimate of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), the energy storage industry will grow by around 11% in 2018 and will generate a turnover of approximately EUR 5.1 billion. Medium-sized companies are the main driving force behind this increase. The development of Energy Storage Europe reflects this industry trend: With a total of 170 exhibitors and about 4.500 visitors, this year's energy storage trade fair and the two conferences ESE and IRES continued the positive development of the past years.
“No other trade fair in the world covers the entire spectrum of energy storage solutions. Every year, new players enter the still young market with innovative solutions - often with new technological approaches to energy storage,” stated Hans Werner Reinhard, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf.
Urban Windelen, Executive Director of the BVES, added: “Energy Storage Europe 2018 once again demonstrated the solid growth of the industry across all storage technologies and various applications. The event is the decisive international business platform for energy storage systems and its success confirms the growing industry figures predicted by the BVES.”
Increasing international participation
Internationalization is a further industry trend apparent in the visitor structure of Energy Storage Europe and the IRES Conference: this year, the organizers welcomed delegations from Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and other Central American countries as well as from Greece, Norway and Poland, Portugal. Overall, participants from 61 countries attended the conferences and trade fair.
Energy Storage Europe and IRES strengthen research and development
At this year's Energy Storage Europe Conference (ESE) and the 12th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES), the discussion revolved around the considerable influence of regulatory frameworks on the development and introduction of storage technologies. Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR e. V., remarked: “The decentralized energy turnaround is more urgently needed than ever. To this end, the introduction of a new energy market regulation with renewable energies and storage systems at its core is a key step. For this reason, we call on Brussels and the new government in Berlin to finally make the widespread market introduction of storage applications possible.”
“The research environment and economic strength of North Rhine-Westphalia form the ideal growth medium for a technolotechnology trade fair such as Energy Storage Europe. Here it is evident how scientific expertise and entrepreneurial commitment can jointly advance the energy industry,” commented Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann, Managing Director of EnergieAgentur.NRW.
Focus on sector coupling and system-useful stores
Other important topics at the conferences were flexible sector coupling and system-useful storage solutions that stabilize networks. The IRES conference also focused on thermal energy storage and specific applications.
First study on energy storage market published
According to BVES' current market estimate, the capacity of large-scale battery storage facilities for grid stabilization installed in Germany alone will increase by more than 80% in 2018. BVES’s study published on March 13, 2018 includes detailed figures on the sector's development.
About Energy Storage Europe 2018
Energy Storage Europe is the trade fair for the global energy storage industry and flexible sector coupling with the world’s largest conference program on energy storage solutions and their applications. The conferences included the 7th Energy Storage Europe Conference (ESE) of Messe Düsseldorf and the 12th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) of EUROSOLAR e.V. The thematic focal points were economy and finances (ESE) as well as science and social policy (IRES).
Energy Storage Europe will return to Düsseldorf, Germany from March 12 – 14, 2019. For further information on visiting or exhibiting at Energy Storage Europe 2019, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail: [email protected]; Visit and; Follow us on twitter at
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Exhibitor statements:
Siemens AG
“The market for energy storage is very dynamic and is expanding at high speed. Manufacturers want to meet the challenges of this market with their innovative solutions and are looking for the best business opportunities to participate successfully in the growth of the industry. The intensive exchange of knowledge and experience and getting valuable contacts is ideally combined by the interesting lectures and the exhibition of Energy Storage Europe in Düsseldorf.”
Uwe Fuchs, Project Manager, Siemens AG
VARTA Storage 
“For us, this year's trade fair is once again a trend barometer for the growth market of storage tanks. Demand from municipalities, industry and agriculture is growing. Due to the modularity of the VARTA flex storage product range, we can offer customer-specific solutions. The customer appreciates this flexibility. The feedback from trade visitors here at the trade fair is extremely positive. This confirms our strategy.”
Reiko Stutz, General Manager Commercial Storage Solutions

“The energy storage market has now reached a tipping point. Those who have been involved early enough, who know the mechanisms and supply chain in a deeply networked manner, will now be able to make a real start.”
Andreas Schimanski, Sales Manager, ADS-TEC Energy

Gravity Energy AG
“Gravity Energy AG considers its participation in the Energy Storage Europe 2018 trade fair as a great success. We were able to welcome significantly more trade visitors at our stand than in the previous year. As a young company with an innovative bulk storage technology, we enjoyed talks both with investors and with potential customers. Our goals for the trade fair were achieved already after the first two days.”
Horatio von John, CEO, Gravity Energy AG
Speaker statements:
“A regular exchange within an industry always makes sense. This is especially true when this is on the upswing and many innovative technological approaches are being developed. At this stage, intensive contact with research and development is crucial. This is exactly what Energy Storage Europe stands for with the ESE and IRES Conference.”
Dr. Andreas Hauer, ZAE Bavaria
“These conferences really became very important. We are doing this since 12 years, starting with the IRES a long time ago and now also concurrently with the exhibition. I think it really became very significant for the industry as well. Originally it was more for the scientists but here at the exhibition the companies are able to show their newest technologies. But we also can see how the markets are changing by looking at the exhibitors.”
Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer, RWTH Aachen
“This is a very new industry. It’s emerging. This is a very important event. It brings people of different origins together: start-ups, large groups, academics and government. It’s a very unique occasion at least in Europe. I think it’s unrivaled.”
Thierry Lepercq, Executive Vice President in charge of Research, Technology and Innovation at ENGIE
“It has been very valuable. This is my first time to this conference and its very positive that there are very diverse technologies and also very diverse groups of stakeholders – there’s industry and government as opposed to just one specific technology area such as lithium-ion batteries or other technologies.”
Sunita Satyapal, Director U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies
“Conferences like this are extremely important because you get everybody together. So you can get a good sense where the industry is. I think you’re getting new ideas, new innovations, walking around, seeing all this different companies. These conferences are very exciting and very important for this industry. But also beyond that, for us as researchers, we’re seeing where the industry is and how can we help the industry to go to the next level.”
Dr. Martin Keller, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Delegation statement:
“For the second consecutive year EnergyIN, the Portuguese Cluster for Energy, has been invited by Messe Düsseldorf , the organizer of Energy Storage Europe, to attend the event. The importance of Energy Storage Europe as a leading international trade fair in the sector is recognized by all experts in the world and Energy IN and its associates are proud to be part of it.”
EDP – Energias de Portugal.