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California Utility Makes Largest Energy Storage Procurement in History

Energy Storage North America is excited that Northern California utility, PG&E, announced its intention to procure 567.5 MW of energy storage in July, 2018.

This procurement proves that storage is an effective reliability alternative to gas, and is the largest energy storage procurement in the world to date.

Come to Energy Storage North America in California, the world’s fifth largest economy and the heart of the energy storage revolution!

  • Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) requested approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for four energy storage projects totaling about 2,270 MWh.
  • The CPUC authorized PG&E to issue a solicitation for energy storage projects to replace three power plants that would otherwise require reliability must-run (RMR) contracts.
  • PG&E selected offers of three energy storage projects from third-party owners, totaling 385.5 MW, 1,540 MWh, and one 182.5 MW, 730 MWh project the utility would own.
  • Projects to be online by 2020.
Counterparty (Project Name) Storage Technology On-Line Date Term (Years) Discharge Duration (Hours) Size (MW) Local Sub-Area
Dynegy Marketing and Trade, LLC (Vistra Moss Landing Energy Storage) Lithium Ion Batteries 12/01/2020 20 4 300 South Bay - Moss Landing
Hummingbird Energy Storage, LLC (Hummingbird Energy Storage) Lithium Ion Batteries 12/01/2020 15 4 75 South Bay - Moss Landing
Micronoc Inc. (mNOC AERS Energy Storage Lithium Ion Batteries 10/01/2019 10 4 10 South Bay - Moss Landing
Tesla Inc. (Moss Landing Energy Storage) Lithium Ion Batteries 12/31/2020 20 4 182.5 South Bay - Moss Landing

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