ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

Registration will open July 15th

2018 ESNA Agenda Preview

ESNA will feature three days of interactive, dynamic programming on energy storage policies, markets, trends and technologies.  Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda, coming August 22, 2018.


Advanced Solutions 
We are closer than ever to achieving a cleaner, more resilient grid – thanks to rapidly accelerating progress in energy storage. Advanced Solutions highlights a variety of the most innovative technologies from bulk seasonal storage to intelligent software, as well as the role of storage integration both behind and in front of the meter.
Global Grid Track 
The benefits of energy storage are universal. To present the global picture, delegates from Australia, Europe, Canada and Latin America will come together with policymakers and companies from across the U.S. to exchange ideas, share success stories and brainstorm on key challenges, with a focus on promoting a decarbonized, resilient and affordable power grid.
Download the 2017 Global Grid Transformation Report: CLICK HERE >>
This is a report from the first-ever facilitated conference track among private- and public-sector leaders from Mexico, Australia and China at the Energy Storage North America 2017 Conference and Expo. The Global Grid Transformation Report provides a recap of the current situation facing each country, the key questions each region is trying to address, and the next steps towards achieving a cleaner, more efficient, and more resilient grid in their respective markets.
Download the 2018 Global Grid Draft Agenda CLICK HERE >>
Microgrids,Resilience and Security
In today’s world of energy system transitions and ongoing climate challenges, microgrids can provide independence, resilience and security. This track will showcase a wide variety of real-world use cases and highlight the various benefits of microgrids. It will also address questions around the deployment, ownership and operation of these systems.
North American Market Transformation 
2018 has firmly established North America as the world’s top energy storage market, with groundbreaking regulatory and policy initiatives and innovative business models creating a vibrant and robust ecosystem. With perspectives from the federal, state, and regional levels, this track will provide informed updates on top trends and drill down on the world’s largest-ever energy storage procurement. 
Mobility and Storage
This track perfectly captures ESNA 2018’s main theme: “Energy Storage: Where the Future of Power and Transportation Meet.” Join CALSTART, the leading clean transportation industry association, as it illuminates and engages on the most challenging aspects of sustainable fleet electrification. Interactive discussions will include input from OEMs, fleets, regulators, infrastructure experts, ratepayers, and utilities. 
Risk Management
As with any new technology or service brought to an ever-changing marketplace, managing risk in energy storage is something every developer, insurer, lender, utility, and end user must consider. This track considers a variety of risks including those related to revenue, contracts, supply chains and physical/technical aspects – and explores frameworks and solutions for risk mitigation.  
Utility Leadership 
Utilities face a dramatically changing landscape, with customer defections, IoT-enabled technologies, climate-related business impacts and the inevitable shift to a distributed energy future. This track explores major new trends in storage-based utility models and highlights progressive programs that have successfully integrated energy storage both behind and in front of the meter in innovative, business-boosting ways.