ESNA 2018 | November 6-8, 2018 (Expo November 7-8)in Pasadena, California

2018 ESNA Agenda Preview

ESNA will feature three days of interactive, dynamic programming on energy storage policies, markets, trends and technologies.  Stay tuned for a more detailed agenda, coming soon.


Mobility and Storage 
  • The relationship between EV scale, battery cost and implications for stationary storage
  • How fleets and ride sharing will affect the electrification of transportation sector, and grid optimization
  • Vehicle-grid integration: Unidirectional
  • Siting EV infrastructure through a data-driven approach
  • The Role of the Utility in Promoting Electric Vehicles  
  • Best practices for utility EV charging programs  
DERS, Microgrids, and Resiliency
  • Lessons From the Storms of 2017  
  • Municipal Leadership in Storage and Resiliency Programs 
  • Accelerating Microgrid Deployment   
  • Managing Grid Risk at the Circuit Level  
  • Unlocking Distribution-Level Value Streams to Enable a High-DER Future
Global Grid Transformation: Policies and Applications
  • Emerging Storage Markets
  • Wholesale Market Design: Global Best Practices
Breakout sessions:
  • Australia
  • The Americas
  • Europe
Utility Leadership and Progressive New Models
  • The Emergence of Solar + Storage
  • The Perspective of Publicly-Owned Utilities (POUs) and Electric Cooperatives
  • Planning and Procurement Models for Different Regulatory Regimes
  • Preferred Regulatory Approaches to the Storage Opportunity
  • Innovative Customer-facing Storage Programs
  • Utility Contracting Models – Lessons Learned and Next Steps
Risk Management and Financial Models
  • New IRS Rules – Implications and Impacts of New Federal Tax Law
  • De-Risking Storage Projects:  What to Look For in Warranties and Contracts, and the Increasing Role of Insurance
  • Addressing the Complexity of Value Stacking to Increase Revenues and Improve Financeability
  • The Potential for Change in the Future Value of Storage
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility in the Storage Supply Chain
Advanced Solutions and Technology Improvements 
  • Hybrid Approaches 
  • Potential Improvements to Lithium-ion Technologies
  • DERMS and Aggregation
  • Modular, Distributed Pumped Storage 
  • Longer Duration Solutions
  • Codes & Standards
  • Hydrogen Storage