ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

Registration will open July 15th

2017 Global VIP Agenda

ESNA 2017 hosted several international delegations to promote education and collaboration across borders. Delegates from Australia, Mexico and China came together with policymakers and companies from across the United States to exchange ideas, share success stories and brainstorm on key challenges, with a focus on promoting a decarbonized, resilient and affordable power grid.
"Grid transformation will only happen through the vision and leadership of key local champions. We’ve been working for years to realize this level of international collaboration,” said Janice Lin, ESNA Co-Founder and Conference Chair. 
"Our inaugural Global Grid Transformation Program is a huge first step toward realizing the benefits of energy storage on a global scale. ESNA, this year, has become a platform to accelerate these leaders’ efforts by building a network of co-collaborators working together for transformational change.” 
Additionally, representatives from the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, India and China will provide market updates at the World of Energy Storage Global Showcase on the Expo floor stage.

Global Grid Transformation Track Agenda

Thursday, August 10


11:00am – 12:00 pm                   Roadmapping for a Decarbonized Grid Room 26AB

Speakers and Panelists from California and Australia will share their experiences developing cohesive plans to tackle the challenges of a deeply decarbonized grid in each market, including addressing the myriad regulatory reform and market designed challenges and lessons learned in enabling new grid technology like energy storage to play an integral role in the transition.
·       Mark Higgins, COO, Strategen Consulting
·       Heather Sanders, Principal Manager, Electric System Planning Strategy and Engagement, Southern California Edison
·       Dr. Lorenzo Kristov, Principal, Market & Infrastructure Policy, CAISO
·       Ed Randolph, Energy Division Director, CPUC
·       Dr. Glenn Platt, Research Director, Energy, CSIRO

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm                 Preview of Country-Specific Breakout Sessions Room 26AB

Delegates will present 5-7 minute previews of the current situation in each region and key challenges and questions they’re currently trying to address within their home markets.
Mexico: Dr. Marcelino Madrigal Martinez, Commissioner, CRE
China: An Qi, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC)
Australia: Dr. Glenn Platt, Research Director, Energy, CSIRO

12:30pm – 2:00pm   Global VIP Roundtable Luncheon (invitation-only) Room 29AB

Lunch discussion with international delegations and invited U.S. government officials and their guests. Luncheon sponsor: The Polyglot Group
Welcome by Jan Rieche, Global Head of Renewable Energy & Infrastructure, Polyglot Group
Keynote by Patrick McCormick*, Chief Counsel, US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

12:30pm – 2:00pm   Networking lunch (Lunch & Entrepreneurs in Action on the Expo Stage)

                                                      Entrepreneurs in Action (Expo floor)
                                                      Startups take the stage to showcase their innovations in the energy sector

2:00pm – 3:30pm    Country-Specific Breakout Sessions: Australia Room 25B | Mexico Room 26A | China Room 25C

Facilitated breakout roundtable discussions, featuring three global delegations and leaders from the California and the North American energy sector will discuss their respective grid transformation processes, focused on sharing best practices tools and approaches for utilizing energy storage to help address challenges in their respective markets.
Each regional delegation will come prepared to further discuss the themes they presented during the morning session preview along with key questions they are currently faced with as they undergo their respective grid transformation processes. The goal of this session is to identify actionable and collaborative next steps for each regional delegation. The key findings from each session will be posted to the ESNA website following the event.
For Speakers and Cross-Panel Participants, please see the GGT Track Facilitation Plan.  

Targeted Participants for the Roundtable discussion, in addition to invited international delegates:

1.     State policymakers
2.     Grid Operators
3.     Progressive Utility leaders
4.     Industry leaders

List of Cross-Panel Participants for the Roundtable discussion, in full (including invitees):

Mexico Roundtable (Room 26A)  
Alberto Cortes, Advisor to Commissioner Madrigal Martinez CRE
Alejandro Chanona Robles, Chief of Staff to CRE President Alcocer
Angelina Galiteva, Director, California ISO Board of Directors
Carlos Ortiz Gómez, Director General for Research, Technology and Human Capital Development, SENER
Chris Lee, Representative, Hawaii State Legislature
Claudia Salgado, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce
Daniel Zolnikov, Montana State Representative, Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee
David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Ed Randolph, Director, Energy Division, California Public Utilities Commission
Eduardo Delgadillo, Director of Energy Investment and Projects, Jalisco Ministry of Economic Development
Emilio Camacho, Chief of Staff to Commissioner Hochschild, California Energy Commission
Fausto Membrillo, Corporate Director of Commercial Businesses, Director Corporativo Negocios Comerciales (CFE)
Giovanni Bertolini, Head of Business Development North and Central America, Thermal Generation, ENEL
Glen Roberts, Director, Commercial Service Central California, U.S. Department of Commerce
Greg Callman Director of Global Business Development, Tesla 
Gregg Patterson, CEO, Demand Energy
Guillermo García Alcocer, President Commissioner, CRE
Gustavo Giraldo, Commercial & Regulatory Director, AES Mexico/EnerAB
Hector Hernandez, Secretary General, Mexico National Association of Solar Energy (ANES)
Hermann Tribukait, Ambassador to North America, Mexico Energy R&D Funds, SENER
Janice Lin, CEO, Strategen Consulting; Chair, ESNA
Jose Celis, President, Mexico City Region, Mexico National Association of Solar Energy (ANES)
Josh Gerber, 33 North Energy, formerly with SDG&E
Josh Minnix, GE Power Services
Keith Casey, Vice President, Market and Infrastructure Development, California ISO
Manal Yamout, Vice President of Policy, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS)
Marcelino Madrigal Martinez, Dr., Commissioner, CRE
Marcos Valenzuela, Director of Market Administration, CENACE
Michael Rosenfeld, Vice Consul - Senior Advisor, Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, Dept. for International Trade, British Consulate-General, Los Angeles
Nancy Skinner*, Senator, California State Senate
Neetika Sathe, Director, Emerging Technologies, Alectra Energy Solutions
Pablo Barrague, Market Development Manager, AES Energy Storage
Sergio Alcalde Delgado, CEO, Fortius
Sergio Corona, President of the College of Engineers, State of Jalisco
Sergio Luna Quiroz
Sergio Medina, Dr, Director General, Jalisco Energy Agency
Shannon Fraser, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service – San Jose/Silicon Valley
Timothy Effio, Market Director, Latin America, AES
Trina Martynowicz, Technology & Partnerships Office, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9
Australia Roundtable (Room 25B)
Amy Kean, Renewable Energy Advocate, NSW Government - by video & audio bridge
Andres Pacheco, Manager of Business Development, Tesla
Brian Asparro, COO, Demand Energy
Catherine Moore, General Manager, US, Polyglot Group
Craig Chambers, Executive General Manager - Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation at Energy Queensland - By audio bridge
Dan Sturrock, Investment Director, Australian Renewable Energy Agency - By audio bridge
David Camerlengo,
Trade & Investment Commissioner of North America, Trade & Investment Queensland - By audio bridge
David Grabau, Senior Investment Specialist, Resources and Energy, Austrade
David J.A. Post, Head of Business Development Global Thermal Generation, ENEL
Diane Fellman, California Public Utilities Commission
Don McPhail, Energy Queensland –  By audio bridge
Doug Staker, VP Global Business & Market Development, Demand Energy
Glenn Platt, Director, Electricity Grids & Networks, CSIRO
Heather Sanders, Principal Manager, Electric System Planning Strategy and Engagement, Southern California Edison
Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, Australian Renewable Energy Agency - By audio bridge
Jan Rieche, Global Head of Renewable Energy & Infrastructure, Polyglot Group
Jeff Damron, Vice President, Sales, Demand Energy
Jesse Bryson, Vice President & Head of Global Market Development, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS)
Jeremy Whaley, Chartered Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Horizon Power - By audio bridge
John Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Networks Australia - By audio bridge
John Theunissen, Director Smart Networks, SB AusNet - By audio bridge
Jonathan Hart, SGIP Program Manager, Center for Sustainable Energy
Jon Wellinghoff, former Chair, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Joseph Heinzmann, Senior Product Manager, Battery Hybrid Electric Gas Turbines, GE Power Services
Karen Buckman, Opportunity Specialist – NextGen New Products & Solutions, Energy Australia
Kris Funston, Senior Director, Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) - by video & audio bridge
Lorenzo Kristov, Principal, Market Infrastructure & Policy, California ISO
Mark Higgins, COO, Strategen Consulting
Mark Knight, PNNL –  By audio bridge
Mark Paterson, General Manager Consumer Energy, Horizon Power - By audio bridge
Martijn Wilder AM, Chair, Australian Renewable Energy Agency & Director, and Chair, (CEFC) - by video & audio bridge
Mary Hendriks, Industry Executive, Australian Energy Storage Alliance  - By audio bridge
Mirko Molinari, General Manager, Digital Grid, Grid Solutions, GE Energy Connections
Paulette Jordan, Representative, Idaho State Legislature
Praveen Kathpal, Vice President, AES Energy Storage
Richard Schoenemann, Director, Sunverge Energy Inc. – By audio bridge
Sam Hollis, Vice Consul, Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, Department for International Trade, British Consulate-General
Sam Staples, Market Development Manager, Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition
Sandra Collazo, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce
Steven Martin, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, GE
Suzanne Falvi, Senior Director, Market Development,  Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) - by video & audio bridge
Tom Butler, Clean Energy Council –  By audio bridge
China Roundtable (Room 25C)
Angie An, Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
Ashley Wilson, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service Oklahoma
Cong Wang, Creative Director, Meat House Design Group
Daixin Li, Director of Research, China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA)
Fan Dai, Special Advisor to the Governor, Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.
Graham Morin, North American Sales Manager, GE Grid Solutions
Heng Jie Tan, Regional Director, Singapore Economic Development Board
James Marshall, Market Development Analyst, AES
Jeff Morris, Representative, Washington House of Representatives, and Principal, Energy Horizon Corp.
Jim Stover, Vice President of Business Development, Puneng Century Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
Johnson Yu, Chairman and Founder, China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA)
Keoni Almeida, Manager, Stakeholder & Industry Affairs, California ISO
Lon Huber, Director Strategen Consulting
Nick Chaset, CEO, East Bay Community Energy, former Chief of Staff to President Picker, CPUC
Patrick McCormick*, Chief Counsel, US Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
Phillip Nicholson MBE, Electrical Networks Specialist, Renewable Energy Team, Department for International Trade, UK
Rick Cutright,Director of Product Management for GE Energy Storage Systems
Rod Hirsch, Director, Oakland Export Assistance Center, U.S. Commercial Services
Sachu Constantine, Center for Sustainable Energy
Sager Farraj, Power Engineering Manager at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)
Shiqun Zhang, Deputy Manager of International Business, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.
Tom Stepien, CEO, Primus Power
Vipin Kakkar, Director of Strategic Utility Accounts, General Electric Grid Solutions
Xianzhang Wu, Chief Engineer, Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.
Xiaokang Lai, Former Director, China Electric Power Research Institute
Zhen Li, Director of Government Relations, China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA)
Zhonglan Yu, General Manager, Beijing Kinglong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Luncheon VIPs not listed above:
Imre Gyuk, Dr., Energy Storage Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
Michael Herbert, Energy Storage Policy Coordinator, FERC
Ellen Anderson, Executive Director, Energy Transition Lab, University of Minnesota
Paul Albertus, Program Director, ARPA-E, US Department of Energy
*Invited, not confirmed.