2019 Site Tours

November 5, 2019 - 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

ESNA site tours give attendees the opportunity to see operational energy storage systems in action around San Diego, a region that leads globally in energy storage deployment.  Tours cover a variety of energy storage technologies and applications.

Registration for site tours is available on a first come, first reserved basis on the ESNA registration portal. Individuals may register for one tour per person. Space in each site tour is limited. 

Meet at the San Diego Convention Center Harbor Drive Entrance outside Exhibit Hall B1 no later than 7:30 AM to pick-up your badge and to make your 8:00 AM bus. There will be coffee and light breakfast served in the Registration Desk area outside Exhibit Hall.

For questions regarding site tours, please contact Jake Bartell at jbartell@strategen.com or at +1-510-665-7811 X107.

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Site Tour: ENGIE Storage’s Schools and Suds Tour

ENGIE Storage’s Schools and Suds Tour

Poway is San Diego's 3rd largest school district. In 2017 Poway installed a 6 MWh ENGIE Storage GridSynergy system distributed over 12 campuses. Attendees will visit Poway's Del Norte High School located just north of downtown San Diego to see to storage systems and learn more about Poway’s installation and participation in SDG&E DR programs. From there, guests will take a tour of one of San Diego’s coolest Nano breweries – the Mike Hess Brewery. The tour includes a walk of the facility and a software demonstration. Energy storage is especially important for breweries as they have frequent and sudden spikes in their load caused by equipment used to chill the beer. Beer and tacos will be served.
Site Tour: Nuvve at UCSD – Showcasing the Real-World Benefits of VGI (Vehicle-Grid Integration)

Nuvve at UCSD – Showcasing the Real-World Benefits of VGI (Vehicle-Grid Integration)

Join Nuvve, the global leader in vehicle-grid integration (VGI) solutions, to tour the INVENT Project site at UCSD. You’ll see how electric vehicles (EVs) charging on Nuvve’s VGI platform are being used to help power UCSD’s microgrid, and will get an update on the CEC-sponsored INVENT Project where Nuvve is deploying EVs across the state of California. The project exists to prove that EV owners can share their batteries while charging to provide energy back to the grid, and will play a key role in helping California achieve its ambitious renewable energy and EV goals. Please note that this tour includes a classroom presentation in addition to a site tour.
Site Tour: PXiSE Energy Solutions High-Rise Microgrid

PXiSE Energy Solutions High-Rise Microgrid

Just a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center, join PXiSE Energy Solutions for a tour of their downtown, high-rise microgrid at Sempra Headquarters. Learn how solar, storage, and EV charging can be united using high-speed grid controls technology and how PXiSE’s microgrid controls system reduces demand changes and ensures reliability with seamless islanding. This tour will include a site walk, demonstration of the active microgrid controller, and discussion of what is takes to build a successful microgrid project in a downtown corridor including tactics for tackling space constraints, identifying high-performing equipment, and building a successful team.
Site Tour: SDG&E Escondido Battery Facility

SDG&E Escondido Battery Facility

One of the largest lithium-ion battery facilities in the world.

Energy storage plays a key role in SDG&E’s commitment to delivering clean, safe and reliable energy. Our Escondido battery site was deployed in 6 months and is a 30-megawatt (MW) lithium-ion facility that can store up to 120 MW hours of energy, the equivalent of serving 20,000 customers for four hours. Inside the facility, 400,000 battery packs store energy when it’s abundant and then delivers power to our customers when they need it most. In 2017, this project won ESNA’s Innovation Award for Outstanding Achievement and “Project of the Year” from Utility Dive.
Site Tour: SDG&E Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) Battery:

SDG&E Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) Battery:

SDG&E is a leader in developing cutting-edge innovations in microgrids, energy storage and new technologies.
The VRF is a four-year demonstration project in coordination with Sumitomo Electric, Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and California Governor’s GO-Biz office.
This flow battery has many advanced features, such as unlimited charge/discharge cycle, longer life, it’s nonflammable and has capabilities for fast response. It is intended to test ways to maximize new storage technology, demonstrate the economics of flow batteries in the commercial wholesale market, provide flexibility, integrate growing amounts of renewable energy and is a promising large-scale storage solution.
Site Tour: Solar Turbines Kearny Mesa Facility

Solar Turbines Kearny Mesa Facility

Solar Turbines is a leading OEM in power generation located right in San Diego. In their Kearny Mesa facility, they manufacture power generation solutions including up to 22MW Gas turbines packages, 15 MW mobile power units, 15 MW modular power plant and the most recent addition, their Solar Energy Storage System, 1 & 2MW Energy Storage modular solution. This tour includes an overview of what is required to be a world class manufacturer of energy storage solution in addition to seeing how Solar Turbines applies their solution to provide black start, islanding and import control to minimize utility expense. On the tour you will see:
1. Manufacturing Facility
2. Testing of a 1MWh combined Li-Ion and Ultra-capacitor energy storage solution
3. Solar Turbines, gridtronic microgrid controller incorporating Load Management, Power Management , Black Start Capability and real-time energy pricing decisions
4. 1 MW, 1MWh Li-Ion Energy Storage Solution in parallel with the utility and on site generation
Site Tour: University of California San Diego- An Energy Storage Innovation Hub

University of California San Diego- An Energy Storage Innovation Hub

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) is the daily home and workplace for over 50,000 students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Located on over 2,000 acres adjacent to Pacific Ocean, the UCSD campus owns and operates a 50 megawatt (MW) world-class microgrid, generating over 90% of its annual electricity, heating, and cooling needs. UCSD’s East Campus Energy Park & Energy Storage Innovation Lab hosts both commercial and research energy installations, including battery and thermal storage, electric vehicle charging, and stationary fuel cell systems.


Cancellations made less than two (2) days prior to the site tour will incur a 100% charge. Site tour must be paid in full by October 25, 2019 or the registration will be canceled and seat will be made available to other attendees.