ESNA 2018 | November 6-8, 2018 (Expo November 7-8)in Pasadena, California

Speaker Information

H.G. Chissell

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Energy Group

H.G. ChissellAs CEO of Advanced Energy Group, H.G. Chissell focuses on curating the right collection of top energy leaders in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. to facilitate an ongoing stakeholder dialogue that expedites real progress towards city and state energy goals. Select stakeholders include the DOD, city governments, portfolio real estate owner/managers, national accounts, transit agencies, regional grid operators, distribution utilities and energy solution providers.

Previously, H.G. Chissell served as SVP of Strategic Accounts for Viridity Energy, a demand response software/service firm focused on consumer-sided virtual power enablement. Chissell was with Viridity Energy from its beginning in 2009 and led the company’s growth of MWs under management and strategic expansion throughout PJM, NYISO and ERCOT across all key verticals, including DOD, C&I, and Healthcare. Key accomplishments include the 1st behind-the-meter freq. reg. battery project in PJM, 1st 1 MW behind-the-meter battery project in Chicago, 1st full spectrum DR battery project in NYC and 1st multi-site EV2Grid project w/ the Pentagon in PJM and ERCOT.

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