ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

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Mike Petouhoff

Executive Director
One Grid Energy Solutions

Mike PetouhoffMike in a tenacious leader in the World of Energy. He helped define the productive roles energy end users can take, having founded Apple’s Global Energy Team, and leading Apple to achieve its 100% Renewable Energy Goal in the US and now 43 countries. Mike was the architect and chief Implementer of Apple’s 100% Renewable program to zero its carbon footprint from energy globally- with efficiency, renewables, and storage- and working with regulators, developers and utilities worldwide. For Apple’s new campus- Apple Park- Mike lead the energy design track to create- a state of the art 100% renewable microgrid with storage, integrating resources in front of, and behind the meter, to achieve a zero carbon microgrid campus. Now as Executive Director, of One Grid Energy Solutions, Mike has turned his attention to what it will take to bring the rest of the world to reach a goal of 100% Renewable Energy.

The work at Apple included both deep energy efficiency and creative technical and regulatory approaches to renewable energy. Green peace acknowledged Apple’s Global Energy Team’s work in their 2017 report, giving Apple’s energy program top ranking for three year’s running for 2014, 15 and 16.

Previously at Chevron Energy Solutions, Mike worked with UC Davis to create the first zero net energy town in CA to generate renewable energy to meet all its needs within its own footprint, through renewables and efficiency- West Village. More recently, Mike has been serving on the Industry Advisory Panel of the State of New York’s NYSERDA’s REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) CONNECT, along with Ron Nichols, President, Southern California Edison (the other Californian on the Panel), as well as Co-Chairing the Bay Area Council’s Energy Committee along w Tony Early, President of PG&E, and advising ULCA on their Grand Challenge to make LA County 100% renewable while electrifying transportation. At the same time, he has been providing Business Development leadership for commercial companies especially in the energy as a service sector.

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