ESNA 2018 | November 6-8, 2018 (Expo November 7-8)in Pasadena, California

Speaker Information

Marcelino Madrigal

Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

Marcelino MadrigalMarcelino Madrigal Martinez, is currently a Commissioner at the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). He was elected by the Senate to this post as part of the historical energy sector reforms taking place in México. Before joining the commission he spent almost ten years working internally for The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank as Senior Energy Specialist where he supported governments, regulatory agencies, and power utilities in the development of investment projects, and policies and regulations focusing on the areas of electricity transmission, distribution, regional energy (electricity and gas) integration, renewable energy integration, and power systems and markets analysis, design and development. He was also previously Deputy General Director of Electrical Reestructuring at CRE and, Chief of Staff of the Undersecretary of Energy of the Mexican Federal Government, and assistant professor at Morelia Institute of Technology. Dr. Madrigal has an engineering, master, and Ph.D degree in power engineering from Morelia Institute of Technology, the University of Nuevo Leon, and the University of Waterloo in Canada, respectively. He has received several awards, among them, the Outstanding Young Power Engineering Award by the IEEE Power and Energy Society in 2006 and has published considerably in power systems operations and markets.

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