ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

Registration will open July 15th

Speaker Information

Yayoi Sekine

Energy Storage Analyst
Bloomberg NEF

Yayoi SekineYayoi Sekine leads the Americas coverage for Energy Storage practice at Bloomberg NEF based out of New York. Yayoi's research focuses on US energy storage markets, providing insight on technology, markets, policies and regulation, and the competitive landscape. She advises utilities, technology companies, investors and policymakers across these fields. She has authored numerous research papers and regularly speaks at international conferences and in the mainstream media. She was previously Research Analyst based in Sao Paulo having spent four years covering Latin American renewable energy market development through Bloomberg NEF. Her specialization includes expertise on energy storage, renewable energy projects and financing, knowledge of policy framework for project development in key markets in the US and Latin American region. Yayoi holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems with focus on Latin America from the University of British Columbia (Canada). Recent prior speaking engagements: - Bloomberg NEF Future of Energy Summit 2018 - Speaker and Moderator - "Will Renewables Plus Energy Storage Compete Against Gas?" panel - ESA 28th Annual Conference 2018 - Speaker - "Global Analyst Perspectives" panel - NY-BEST Capture the Energy 2018 - Featured Speaker - "The Changing Grid: Rise of Renewables, Electric Vehicles, and the Role of Energy Storage" presentation

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