Speaker Information

Ana Sophia Mifsud

Senior Associate
Rocky Mountain Institute

Ana Sophia MifsudAna Sophia is a Senior Associate within the Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Islands Energy Program, where her work with Caribbean islands helps to reduce their dependence on costly fossil fuels. As a part of this program, she has completed integrated resource plans in partnership with small governments and their utilities. Ana Sophia also supports RMI’s work in Puerto Rico, helping to develop a variety of programs that promote resilience for Puerto Rico’s energy infrastructure using renewable microgrids. She currently manages RMI’s Puerto Rico Renewable Microgrid Schools project and works to install microgrids in 10 schools to ensure uninterrupted access to education for thousands of school-aged children in Puerto Rico. Furthermore, Ana Sophia works on a variety of electric mobility initiatives, including an electric bus pilot in Bermuda and a feasibility study for the government of Saint Lucia’s vehicle fleet. Ana Sophia received her bachelor’s degree in environmental systems engineering from Stanford University and is a Green Biz 2019 30 under 30 awardee.

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