ESNA Conference and Exhibition | November 5-7, 2019 in San Diego, California

Registration will open July 15th

Speaker Information

Douglas Staker

Vice President

Douglas StakerDoug Staker is an energy professional that has worked globally for 27 years. He has been a pioneer in the world of smart grid technologies with a focus on smart metering and intelligent energy storage. He is currently Vice President of Utility Business Development at Enernoc, a distributed energy management and storage company and is a subsidiary of Enel, a leader in the global utility market.
Enel/Enernoc is a thought leader in the development of both delivery and supply rate structures that align the goals of utility load management with commercial power and energy savings. Enernoc has led the growth of Behind-The-Meter energy storage in New York City and has been collaborative with the local approval agencies in developing the permitting process for in building installations.

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