ESNA 2018 | November 6-8, 2018 (Expo November 7-8)in Pasadena, California

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Charlie Ricker

MADA Power

Charlie RickerFrom its founding in January, 2006, Charlie was Senior Vice President of Business Development of BrightSource Energy, one of the world’s largest and most successful developers of utility-scale solar power projects. He wrote the company’s first business plan and built its first financial model. He helped raise its equity capital and led its business development program with major utilities and energy companies. His work at BrightSource resulted in a long list of major accomplishments, the most significant of which were: a) Building what was, at the time, the largest solar project pipeline in the industry. b) Initiating and leading BrightSource’s successful effort to secure a $1.6 Billion DOE Loan Guarantee for BrightSource’s Ivanpah Solar Power Generation Project. Ivanpah was constructed by Bechtel Power and now in commercial operation. It is the largest concentrated solar power generating facility in the world, producing enough electricity for 140,000 homes.

In addition to his work with BrightSource, Charlie’s more than two decades of experience in power generation includes serving as Senior Vice President of Business Development for Falcon Seaboard Power, an Independent Power Producer, and President of Millennium Power Group, which represented US and European manufacturers and developers in South America.

Charlie also compiled an exceptional record of executive success in other industries, both domestic and international. He started his business career with IBM, then co-founded Orba Corporation, a successful developer, builder, and operator of port facilities. Orba was acquired by Litwin Engineers & Constructors, an international engineering and construction company, and Charlie was named Litwin’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. Subsequently, he was recruited to be Managing Director (CEO) of the European subsidiary of H.H. Robertson, Inc., at the time a Fortune 500 manufacturing and construction company, and spent seven years in England in that position.

After leaving BrightSource, Charlie joined with Arnold Goldman, the solar power visionary who founded Luz International and BrightSource Energy, to found MADA Power to develop energy storage projects utilizing a proprietary liquid air thermal storage technology developed by MADA Power’s sister company, MADA Energie.

Charlie is now focused on providing consulting, advisory, and development services for investors, developers, lenders, government agencies, and others in the Renewable Energy industry with a focus on solar power.

Charlie holds an MBA from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business, a BA from Millsaps College, and is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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