ESNA 2017 | August 8 - 10, 2017 in San Diego, California

ESNA Pre-Conference Workshops

August 8, 2017 - 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Our interactive workshops address almost every aspect of grid-connected energy storage. Workshops are designed to provide educational, actionable information for specific audiences ranging from utilities to storage companies to policymakers to energy end-users. Workshops are included in every All-Access Conference pass and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space in each workshop is limited to 100 people, so register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Additional workshops to be added in the coming weeks.


Best Practices in Utility Procurement of Energy Storage

Utility procurement of traditional resources is a well-defined process. Procurement of energy storage solutions, in contrast, can present unique considerations in utility procurement processes, such as planning and executing an RFO. This workshop will review storage procurement by California IOUs for both centralized and distributed energy storage solutions, with lessons learned and best practices from their 2014 and 2015 procurements. This workshop is designed for utility representatives who may want to conceptualize and plan their own storage RFOs.


Energy storage can be a highly technical, often confusing industry filled with inconsistent terminology and misleading metrics. Learn how to make sense of it all and gain the knowledge you need to compare technologies, evaluate costs, and conduct basic market valuations. This workshop provides energy storage neophytes with a basic foundational knowledge of concepts and technology. The session builds on this core understanding to provide deeper insight into battery based energy storage concepts to teach you how to match battery technologies to applications, optimize battery system sizing, and evaluate battery energy storage project costs. This informative session employs simple analogies and examples combined with interactive exercises to translate technical concepts into valuable commercial skills for the energy storage industry


Energy Storage in the Context of Community Choice: A Huge Opportunity for Impact

"Community Choice" is a mechanism by which cities, counties and groups of jurisdictions may elect to take control over their electricity supplies.  These programs, initially launched in Marin County in 2010, are growing rapidly across California and elsewhere.  When chartered to emphasize clean energy generation and local economic development as well as cost, Choice programs have shown impressive results in savings, climate mitigation and local control.  By one estimate, over 60% of eligible CA ratepayers could be enrolled in a Choice program by 2020.

This session will cover the basics of Community Choice formation, operation and benefits, as a foundation for in-depth discussion of the strong synergies between Community Choice programs and electricity storage applications.  Workshop speakers will describe a) the many ways Choice programs can support, implement and benefit from storage applications in their geographies, b) how Choice programs make storage applications more valuable to customers, and c) how Choice programs and Energy Storage providers can partner to take advantage of this rapidly growing market.



Opportunities for energy storage in wholesale markets vary depending on RTO/ISO. This workshop will describe the business rules and value of energy storage in the wholesale market, and will cover how these rules are changing. Speakers will discuss the opportunities for energy storage to sell Energy, Capacity, Frequency Regulation, Spinning Reserve, Non-Spinning Reserve, Flexible Ramping, and Frequency Response. This workshop will also review product characteristics, participation requirements, market size, and the value for both in-front and behind the meter energy storage.